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My Super Hero Foods Berries

Kids deserve real, high-quality, whole foods!

We teach families the connection between high-quality whole foods, or SuperHero Foods, and the powers they provide. These super powers include higher energy, more focus, calmer demeanor, stronger bodies – the list goes on!

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When your kids connect SuperHero Foods with how they FEEL in their bodies, they will understand the value of SuperHero foods for themselves. These SuperHero powers will be the reward they receive in exchange for eating higher quality, healthier foods.

With some patience and care, you won’t need to force your kids to eat their veggies when they don’t want to! Over time, they will begin to crave and ask for these foods themselves. 

SuperHero Foods are the ultimate medicine because they not only lead to healthier kids but to healthier, happier families as well.

My SuperHero Sleep is now

Ethan and Sophie are back for another adventure-filled day to help your kids understand the power of quality sleep.

Through Ethan and Sophie, your kids will learn how sleep helps their bodies, minds, emotions, creativity, and more! They’ll learn the importance of a clean room, morning sunlight, and a gratitude practice on their sleep. They’ll learn routines and exercises to help them relax and fall back asleep in the middle of the night. Backed by science and research, My SuperHero Sleep will help develop your kids’ curiosities about the powers of sleep, making them excited to go to sleep every night!

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There’s no time like today. And there’s nothing like building a community of SuperHero friends to help us stick to our goals.
That’s why we’re launching have a FREE program called #SuperHeroYOU. Earn prizes while learning new tips and tricks to help you and your family thrive ALL year.

Do you want your kids to love their veggies?

Our book will help!

My SuperHero Foods is a one-of-a-kind book that will stimulate your children’s curiosities about healthy eating. They’ll learn the super powers they’ll gain from eating broccoli, carrots, salmon, almonds, and much more as they join Ethan and Sophie on a fun super power packed day!

Beautifully illustrated with lots of fun details that your kids will love, My SuperHero Foods will serve as a priceless foundation for teaching your kids about healthy eating.

Have you heard about the dangers of seed oils?

There is so much confusing and misleading information about cooking fats and oils. What’s healthy and what isn’t? What’s the best oil to use for different applications? Our e-book is designed to cut through this confusion!

In our new book, The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Seed Oils in Your Kitchen, we break down each of our favorite cooking fats and the best applications for each. We also go into cost-saving tips, our trusted brands, and the best way to store your cooking fats to keep them fresh for longer. Plus, it includes a super practical cheat sheet you can post on your fridge for a quick reference when you need it most.

Thoroughly researched and full of practical tips, our e-book will help you and your family cut out seed oils for good.


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Frequently asked questions

The calorie myth.
We are biology, not math.
A calorie is not a calorie.  100 calories from a skittles is not the same as 100 calories from grass fed beef.  Our body communicates through messengers, not calories.  So, stop counting calories and focus on nutrient density.  When we eat nutrient dense food, out body will self regulate.

Focus on ingredients, not calories.  Remember what we don’t consume is as important as what we do consume.

We believe that every BODY is different. Some adults thrive on a keto diet and others do best eating vegan. Others have the most energy and cure many ailments while eating like a carnivore.  

What foods work well is very specific to the individual. Through trial and error, you can personalize your diet to what works best for you via Personalized Nutrition. But at the core of every diet, the theme is common: WHOLE, REAL foods. The same applies to children.  

We believe that WHOLE FOODS – foods that have been processed or refined as LITTLE as possible and are FREE from additives or other artificial substances – help children thrive!  The SuperHero foods we choose are foods that are WHOLE and packed with lots of nutrition.

There are many SuperHero foods we can add to our list. We’d love to know which new foods you’d like to see on our list!

And while you and your children may not be able to eat all of these foods because of your dietary restrictions or choices, we believe that increasing awareness about eating more of the Superhero Foods that are the best for your values will get you and your family one step closer to our mission!

We notice a big difference!  On special occasions, we make french toast or pancakes for breakfast with the best ingredients possible. But we like to save these sugar-filled breakfasts for weekends because when our kids start their day with sugar and heavy carbs, they crash about two hours later.  

When they eat sugary foods, we notice that they are more emotional and that they are not able to concentrate as well. In general, the less sugar they eat, the more calm and focused they are!

Remember that fast food is actually not very cheap! With some thoughtful preparation, you can use the best ingredients at the same or even reduced cost to prepare SuperHero meals. 

Also, when considering the cost of whole SuperHero foods, remember that the secondary costs of future doctor visits are even more expensive.

Third, feeding your children SuperHero foods that help them excel and thrive as they grow is priceless.

Stay tuned for more detailed SuperHero food cost-saving tips!

We believe that fresh fruit is the best sugar alternative. Then dried fruit with no added sugar.

But we can’t add fruit to everything, so we opt for honey and maple syrup if fruit doesn’t work.

If we are baking and the recipe calls for sugar, our general rule of thumb is: Cut the amount of sugar in half and then substitute it for honey or maple syrup. For example, if the recipe calls for one cup of sugar, we use a half-cup of maple syrup instead. 

If we are making whipped cream, we substitute maple syrup for sugar.  If we want to sweeten plain full fat yogurt, we drizzle some raw honey on top or add some berries. If we want to sweeten a smoothie, we throw in a date. The combinations are endless!

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