Let's Superpower Our Kids

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Haley Scheich

Hi! I’m Haley Scheich and I’ve been obsessing over nutrition for more than a decade. I’ve read close to a hundred books, thousands of articles and anything I can get my hands on seeking to find answers to my nagging questions! I even completed half of a Masters Degree program in Nutrition. Sadly, I soon realized during the program that I was getting nowhere fast; I actually felt more confused. Needless to say, I dropped out of the program and began to learn on my own.

I was struggling with bloating, annoying acne, brain fog, and no energy. It was after starting yoga that I realized how powerful the foods we put in our bodies could be: when I ate WHOLE nutrient dense foods, I felt strong and energized. When I ate processed foods I felt weak and tired. Shortly after, I read two books that changed my life forever, Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. I stopped eating processed foods, gluten, and dairy altogether. Rather quickly, my energy levels began to rise and my acne disappeared. My brain fog cleared and I began to thrive.

When I became pregnant with my first child in 2014 my focus on nutrition intensified. Not only did I want to eat healthy while I was pregnant, but once my son was born, I wanted to ensure that his diet was right. Everywhere I looked there was “garbage’ shamelessly and viciously marketed to kids. It infuriated me! However, as I began to get a better understanding of nutrition, I felt confident that I could provide my child the guidance he would need to have the best chance to thrive too. It felt very empowering to be equipped with this knowledge. The seed for this project was born!

Unfortunately, most kids don’t stand a chance to thrive, given the current food scene. There is so much confusing and conflicting information. Sugar is everywhere and fast food is easy. Big food hides sugar and cancer-causing ingredients in many foods. Also, labels are deceptive and incredibly difficult to interpret. I can’t stand that food is shamelessly pedaled to our kids. This has to stop! Our kids deserve better. Let us empower families together starting with our kids!

Dr. Tarek Pacha

Hi, I’m Tarek Pacha.  As a leading men’s health expert and urologist, I have treated thousands of patients over the last decade. I know that the most important medical fact is that food can PREVENT, REVERSE, and even HEAL disease! The impact of nutrition affects every aspect of each patient. Many of my patients are unaware of the synergy that nutrition offers when combined with traditional medicine and surgery. I prioritize extra time emphasizing the critical link between nutrition and disease. 

It is deeply fulfilling to observe my patients transform right in front of my eyes. For example, as they switch out processed foods for whole, nutrient dense food, their overall health dramatically improves! I can’t overstate how radically transforming food and non-medical interventions (sleep, movement, stress management, purposeful living, joyous connections, etc.) can be! 

I couldn’t help but beg the question, why do my patients wait so long to initiate these changes? I realized that they simply didn’t know or they were drowning in conflicting information.  What if we could prevent or alleviate these problems by starting earlier? How about starting with our kids?  If we could somehow educate them on the power of a quality whole food diet,  they may never need to see a doctor as they get older. Kids deserve this information. We all deserve to know this information. Can we together be self learners and thus be able to teach and model to our children.  As kids start to understand the POWER of nutrient dense whole food, they will ironically hold us accountable to eat better too! What a win-win situation!


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We believe ALL kids MUST understand the importance of REAL food!

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Let's work together to raise healthy kids!

“Junk” food is everywhere, including schools.  How do our kids stand a chance?
Our children should eat REAL food that is free of chemicals, additives, pesticides, hormones, and added sugar!
Our children should understand how REAL foods and processed foods affect their bodies differently.

ALL kids deserve access to real food.

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