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Seed Oils to Avoid
Holistic Nutrition

8 Reasons to Avoid Seed Oils

We believe that cutting industrial seed oils from your diet may be one of the most important steps you can take to improve your health. It’s hard to avoid seed oils because they are everywhere from almost all processed foods to most restaurants, but we’re going to give you some

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Easy and Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes

5 Easy and Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes

Condiments made at home (like everything else you make at home!) can be much healthier than store-bought condiments. Why? Because you choose the ingredients! I always try to find the highest quality ingredients I can. For healthy salad dressing recipes, we prioritize fresh organic ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, organic

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nut and seed butters
SuperHero Foods

Your Guide to the 7 Best Nut and Seed Butters

Nut and seed butters can be a wonderful and filling snack. They are also a fairly good source of protein for vegans. Nut butters can be an easy and convenient way to get healthy fats, protein, and other important nutrients in our diet. But remember, not all nut butters are

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benefits of healthy fats for kids
Healthy Fats

8 Great Benefits of Healthy Fats for Kids

Fat is probably the most underrated and misunderstood nutrient. With the internet (and even some doctors) providing us with misleading information, it’s no wonder we are confused. We love and adore healthy fats, and we’re here to set the record straight! We hope to give healthy fats the hall of

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Herbal tea for kids
Holistic Nutrition

8 Wonderful Herbal Teas for Kids to Boost Their Health

Herbal teas, also called tisanes, are some of our family’s favorite replacements for sugary drinks. My kids especially love them while we’re cuddled up and reading a book. There’s something so special about a nice, warm cup of tea, and we think these 8 herbal teas for kids are amazing for their health! 

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Drink more water

8 Amazing Reasons Your Kids Should Drink More Water

Your kids should drink more water. Period. Water is the single best “substance” we can put in our bodies without dispute. We could go about 3 days without water before dying. Without food, we could survive about 1–2 months! The human body is an astonishing “container” holding up to 70

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6 Questions to ask about meat

6 questions to ask about meat

There are a lot of conflicting opinions, suggestions, studies, and recommendations about whether we should eat meat, what kind of meat we should eat, and how much of it to eat. It can get confusing out there! My two cents: start by being curious.  Ultimately, we are all on our

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Why Gut Microbiome is Important for Your Health

Why Your Gut Microbiome is Important for Your Health

Our bodies are ecosystems. Just like a river, a forest, or a patch of soil in the garden, there are many microorganisms that live inside us. Sometimes certain microorganisms make us sick, but on the whole our ecosystem of microbes helps us stay healthy. The human body’s largest population of

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5 Things to Consider before Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotics are necessary in many cases, but they are more often overprescribed. When we go to the doctor, we want answers, and antibiotics have become the quick-fix. It’s hard to go to the doctor and hear, ‘wait,’ and taking antibiotics feels like we’re doing something. But we underrate our bodies’

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Healthy fat foods

10 Healthy Fat Foods to Feed to Your Kids

Healthy fat foods are some of the best foods that we can feed to our kids!  They are critical for brain and nervous system development AND we need fats to help us absorb critical vitamins and phytonutrients (nutrients from plants). Unfortunately, fat has gotten a really bad rap for a

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Skip the After School Snack

Why You Should Skip the After School Snack

For many families, skipping the after school snack might feel like a bad idea as it has become the common third meal of the day. But there are many benefits to skipping the after school snack and having an early dinner instead! Wait Three to Five Hours Between Meals Research

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My Superhero Foods Eat Less Sugar
SuperHero Foods

6 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Eat Less Sugar

Giving up sugar is impossible unless you want to keep your kids in a bubble. So instead of trying to eliminate sugar completely, a more realistic approach is to feed a lot less sugar to our children. We can focus on helping our kids build a HEALTHY relationship with sweets–one that our children can grow up with and take with them throughout their lives.

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