want your kids to get excited about  healthy foods?

In our free Companion Guide, we'll show you how!

Do you want to give your kids every chance to thrive?

Childrens’ wellness starts with feeding them nutrient-dense, whole foods–what we call SuperHero Foods. It may be the most important job we do as parents and caretakers. The foods our children put in their bodies will have profound effects on their health and their ability to thrive as they grow.

We want the best for our children, but the convenience of fast foods, misleading marketing aimed at our children, and the addictive nature of so many unhealthy foods make this really hard to do.

But forcing our kids to eat their veggies isn’t the answer. How do we get our kids to CHOOSE healthy foods for themselves?

In our free e-book, we share 26 ways that will help you teach your kids about healthy eating.

These are all tried and true, and with a little patience, they work wonders! These tips and tricks will motivate your kids to not only eat, but also LOVE SuperHero Foods!

Create healthy practices & make healthy food fun!

Eating healthy can be hard! Feeding our children healthy foods is even HARDER.

There is so much marketing targeted towards kids and far too much sugar and additives hidden in “healthy food”.

In this e-book, we share the principles, ideas, and activities that we used to teach our six children how to ENJOY and CHOOSE healthy foods. They’re the reasons why our daughter asks for olive oil as a snack and why our son LOVES brussel sprouts!

But you don’t have to drag your kids along the healthy eating path. Instead, allow them to lead the way!

Use this e-book to jumpstart your family’s journey towards health and wellness!

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About Haley & Tarek

We are Haley and Tarek, and we are so glad you are here! Our mission is to create a community of parents and caregivers who are passionate about raising healthy kids. We believe that food is the best medicine and that teaching kids to eat nutrient-dense, whole food is THE way to set them up for a successful, healthy lives. We hope that My SuperHero Foods helps you and your kids to get excited about eating food that is delicious AND good for you!