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My SuperHero Foods Companion Guide for Caregivers

My SuperHero Foods Companion Guide

Created specifically for caregivers. In this book, we share 26 (and counting) ways to help you teach your kids about healthy eating. These are all tried and true, and with a little patience, they work wonders. We hope that these tips and tactics will motivate your kids to eat and come to LOVE SuperHero Foods!

Printable Nutrition reference guides

sugar proof sugar allowance chart

SugarProof Added Sugar For Children Guide

Dr. Michael Goran co-authored the incredible book SugarProof, which is all about forming a better relationship with sugar for you and your kids. In this book, he details the daily maximum added sugar allowance for children. We created this printable version to be a quick reference for you and your family!

For more information check out our SuperHeroYou page on saying Hello Healthy Sugar Mindset!

Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are usually derived from petroleum or crude oil. These dyes are chemicals that are put in many foods, especially foods marketed to children. These dyes are banned in many countries but are still allowed in the US, despite the terrible associated side effects! 

Want to learn more? Visit our Artificial Colors Resource Guide

Produce Storage Guide

A handy guide to help you store your produce so it lasts! Print it out and put it on your refrigerator to reference when putting away your groceries!

Four Types of Fats

Fat is probably the most underrated and misunderstood nutrient. Do you know which fats are healthy for you and your family? Download this chart to learn about the four types of fats and how to include more healthy fats into your kids’ diet.

Want to learn more about healthy fats? Check out our Healthy Fats Resource Guide.

Low Calorie Sweeteners

Unfortunately, low calorie sweeteners are often tricky to recognize as there are many names for them and they can be difficult to recognize on food labels. We have included this handy chart with the summaries of each low calorie artificial sweetener and their effects.

Want to learn more about low calorie sweeteners? Check out our Low Calorie Sweeteners Resource Guide.

Cruciferous Veggies Nutrition

Cruciferous veggies, like broccoli, kale, and cabbage, are a diverse group of edible plants that have many similarities and differences. But all cruciferous vegetables are nutrient dense and good for you! 

Want to learn more about low calorie sweeteners? Check out our Cruciferous Veggies Resource Guide.


We highlight salmonoften in our SuperHero Foods line-up, but salmon has four other wonderful super friends: mackerel, anchovies, sardines, and herring. Together these five fish are known as SMASH fish.We love these small super fish as they contain less mercury than larger fish. Mercury is toxic to all of us, especially our little developing ones. 

The benefits we discuss below are specific to wild-caught SMASH fish.