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We love connecting with our community through interviews, podcasts, and articles. Browse our most recent features down below. Please contact us with any press inquiries at:

Media & Press

We love connecting with our community through interviews, podcasts, and articles. Browse our most recent features down below. Please contact us with any press inquiries at

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Haley and Jen Smiley have a conversation about children’s wellness attitudes and healthy habits. They break down how and why the first years of our life can have the biggest long term impacts on us.

Haley overviews her family’s wellness journey leading up to the creation of My SuperHero Foods, including her experience with vegan and gluten-free diets. Haley discusses her book, My SuperHero Sleep. Nichole and Haley unpack the dangers of seed oils, importance of whole food diets, label literacy, and building knowledge about common ingredients. They emphasize how important it is to align your home with your health goals to build a strong foundation for wellness.

The Holistic Kids resume their conversation with Haley and Tarek. They delve into how you can start introducing your kids to a more balanced diet and how certain ingredients can impact your health.

Haley Scheich, Tarek Pacha, and the team Holistic Kids all have one common goal: to empower and educate children. In this episode, Haley and Tarek talk about the importance of nutrition and how the right food choices can PREVENT, REVERSE, and even HEAL disease.


Haley and Prima Foodie discuss healthy habits and share advice on how to start your own food journey. They share their insight on how food can be medicine for both the body and mind.

Haley shares her halloween tradition that helps regulate how much candy her kids consume. She also sheds light on why she limits her kids’ intake of ultra processed candy.


Dr. Michael Goran, an expert on sugar research, joins the My SuperHero Foods duo as they break down some of the biggest questions about sugar and if it’s bad enough to completely cut out.

Join Haley and Tarek as they meet with the founder of Eat Love Bird cereals, Parker. They discuss how clean ingredients can deeply impact our health and how actively seeking clean foods can help reduce decision fatigue over time.

The author of The Dorito Effect, Mark Schatzker, joins Haley and Tarek as they uncover the big mystery behind natural flavors—are they good or bad? Together, they talk about the artificial flavors and colors that are often hidden in our foods and how to avoid them.

If you have questions about seed oils, this IG Live video is for you. Join Haley, Tarek, and Jeff from Zero Acre Farms as they breakdown the effects seed oils can have on our bodies and affect our growing littles. Together, they explore seed oil alternatives.

Haley and Tovla talk about the benefits of getting kids to be active in the kitchen and how to empower kids while cooking. They also share their favorite cooking tips, meals, and snacks that help kids understand that there is more beyond the world of instant gratification.

Whole foods are a crucial part of cultivating a healthier, more well-rounded diet. Haley, Tarek, and Jenna break down how to motivate kids to nutritionally support their growing bodies. Haley and Tarek discuss their book, The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Seed Oils in Your Kitchen. This interview is packed with tips on whole food meals, and how to encourage kids to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle!

Haley and Dr. Ana Maria Temple, the eczema expert, cover a quick and easy four step approach that can clear eczema. Haley also shares her experience on how cutting and replacing certain foods in her diet affected her skin condition flare ups.

Haley and Tarek join Dr. Staci to discuss her five top tips for holistic health, and oral health in particular. Dr. Staci is a true advocate for functional dentistry, focusing on root causes and prevention. This trio has an informative conversation on how the foods we consume can affect our oral health and other parts of our bodies.

Haley and Tarek meet with the team behind one of their favorite household staples, Kalona SuperNatural Milk. Join them as they share the benefits of consuming less processed dairy products and break down what it means when a product is “grass-fed.” They also cover how regenerative farming helps our planet.

Dr. Jessica, a pediatrician, goes live with Haley. They focus on children’s wellness while sharing tools that parents and caregivers can use to reduce the stress around treating common illnesses in children.

The My SuperHero Foods team meets with Sarah, a registered dietitian, to talk about how foods can set your kids up for success. Together they showcase how labels can be deceptive and how it’s important for adults to be an active role model for kids to help them form healthy mindsets.

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