Mindful Gift Guide

Mindful Gift Guide

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mindful gift guide

Mindful Gift Guide

Ideas for the Whole Family

With so many products out there combined with unreliable advertising, gift giving can be overwhelming! When we get overwhelmed, it’s easy to forget what we value to just buy something to get it over with. I get it. That’s where the idea of mindful gift giving comes into play.  

We don’t want to buy things we don’t need or things that don’t serve us. So, we put together this gift guide to help you find high-quality, thoughtful gifts that you will be happy to have around when the bustle of the holidays and birthdays passes.

Our perspective is that the holidays and other gift-giving occasions are dedicated to generosity and gratitude. Whenever we begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed about figuring out gifts, we try to reset our perspective by thinking about how grateful we are to have people in our lives who we want to buy gifts for! We’re also grateful that we have the means to do so.

Gift Giving Tips for the Mindful Shopper

With so many products out there combined with unreliable advertising, gift giving can be overwhelming! When we get overwhelmed, it’s easy to forget what we value to just buy something to get it over with. I get it. That’s where the idea of mindful gift giving comes into play.  

We don’t want to buy things we don’t need or things that don’t serve us. So, we put together this gift guide to help you find high-quality, thoughtful gifts that you will be happy to have around when the bustle of the holidays and birthdays passes.

There are a few questions I ask when considering buying a gift for someone:

Will this person actually use this item?

Does this item align with the values we want support?

Is this item going to last?

Our perspective is that the holidays and other gift-giving occasions are dedicated to generosity and gratitude. Whenever we begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed about figuring out gifts, we try to reset our perspective by thinking about how grateful we are to have people in our lives who we want to buy gifts for! We’re also grateful that we have the means to do so.

Great gifts for adults

We chose most of the items on our list because they’re useful, luxurious, and fun. They’re perfect for pretty much any loved one on your list. These don’t require any specialized hobbies or interests. They’re simple and functional products that you can feel good about gifting to your friends and family.

Small gifts for adults

Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

Many folks bring their lunch to work or pack picnics on the weekend. This easy little pack of utensils is a useful and sustainable gift. No more hunting around for plastic silverware!

Stainless steel straws

These reusable straws come with cleaning brushes and a handy storage bag. A great gift for that person who likes to bring a drink everywhere.

Wooden Spatula

That health-conscious cook in your life would appreciate a wooden spatula, an easy gift that won’t scratch up your pots and pans.

Organic Coffee

High-quality coffee is a treat! For the coffee lover in your life, a bag of beans is a great gift. I always look for organic, fair-trade coffee roasted in small batches. This brand hits all the marks on sustainable farming too. Mindful gift giving for me always includes some thought about how the product impacts the environment too.

Shrub Drink Mix

So many prepared drinks are loaded with tons of added sugar and questionable ingredients. This simple shrub has organic apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar, and organic fruit. Mix it into a little bubbly water for a delicious drink!

Pique Green Tea Jasmine

Splurge on some great tea  this holiday! Pique has the highest quality when it comes to tea. I love that they have both fermented green and black tea and their to-go packets are one of my favorite things in my purse. I can’t tell you how often I open a package for a little pick-me-up!

Finishing Salt

Mindful gift giving can be as simple as gently leveling up the basics. Herby salts are an excellent and easy way to level up any meal. This fresh, organic blend of spices is a great little gift.

Blue Lotus Chai Tea

This organic, decaf tea is great for the whole family. It has no sugar added, which can be hard to find in a good chai mix. Since it’s a powder, it’s super easy to make and bring with you on the go too!

Chainmail Scrubber for Cast Iron Pans

If you often cook with cast iron pans, like I do, this scrubber makes clean up so much easier. It is also great for cleaning sourdough starter or dough off of glass.

Lip Balm

A good lip balm is a handy gift, especially in the cold, dry winter! This gift pack allows you to keep one in your office, one in your bedroom, one in your purse, and in my case – give one to my five-year-old daughter, who shares my love and obsession.

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Darn Tough Wool Socks

Hikers, those who love to walk a lot, and pretty much anyone who wears socks, needs a quality pair! These will last years and years without being torn through or ruined in the wash. Plus, Darn Tough socks have a lifetime warranty! Get a hole? Send them in for a new pair. In the long run, quality socks are a money saver for the whole family.

Seasonal Cookbooks

Books are always a great way to encourage a hobby for the home cook. They are also lovely to leave out on the coffee table since most cookbooks are full of beautiful photos.

The southern harvest

The Southern Harvest Cookbook: Recipes Celebrating Four Seasons by Cathy Cleary is a great choice for someone living southward or with an affinity for southern food. Short interviews with Southern chefs give this book an extra bit of story and context.

Full moon feast

Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection contains thought-provoking essays on how to connect seasons throughout the year as well as simple and nutritious recipes. This is a great choice for someone who cares about the greater context food has in culture.


Heirloom: Time-Honored Techniques, Nourishing Traditions, and Modern Recipes by Sarah Owens is full of gorgeous photos for the adventurous cook who is excited about traditional varieties and fermentation.

Six Seasons

Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables by Joshua McFadden is a personal recommendation, full of practical, health-conscious ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Medium gifts for adults

Wooden Utensil set

The right tools are everything in the kitchen, and a beautiful set of wooden utensils shows that you put thought into this gift.

Teapot and cups set

A tea set can make any afternoon feel special. This set is simple, sturdy, and attractive. Cast iron will last forever, and it will keep tea hot for a long while.

Glass storage containers

Glasslock makes a convenient set of uncoated glassware that is BPA free, eco-friendly, and recyclable, which is great for storing leftovers. Say hello to an organized fridge and easy reheating of leftover meals!

Lodge Cast Iron Pan

I LOVE cooking with cast iron. It’s one of the best choices for nontoxic cookware. And the good news is that a good cast iron set isn’t expensive. This is the set we have and use almost daily. There are different sizes, from a 3-inch pan for frying one or two eggs to a 12-inch for making a stir fry for the whole family! (Note: we rotate our cast iron and stainless steel cookware regularly.)

Weck jars

These high quality jars are great for freezing because they have straight sides. Mason jars have shoulders which make them prone to breaking when the contents expands in the freezer. These are also high quality and will last a long long time. Because they have glass lids, you don’t need to worry about the metal corroding from acidic foods. Plus, Weck jars make the best sourdough starter jars.

Dry Brush

Lymphatic movement has incredible benefits. Lymph is moved through massage and exercise; it doesn’t have a pump like your blood does (thanks, heart). For me, mindful gift giving means thinking about the person’s health. A great way to move lymph in your face and body is with a dry brush. Plus, it makes for a good exfoliator too. I like this duo set by Primally Pure and use it weekly.

Xtrema Pie Pan

The highest quality ceramic cookware we know of, Xtrema pans are nontoxic. For the pie and cake lover in your life, this pan will ensure that no sketchy chemicals or metals are leaching into their lovely baked goods!

Prose Hair Care

Unfortunately, many hair care products contain potentially toxic ingredients. This company does completely customized hair products! All their ingredients are well-researched, safe, and sustainable. Your gift recipient will get a consultation, then receive a personalized set of shampoo and conditioner.

Sourdough Starter Kit

This is probably the easiest way to get started with sourdough. This is a great way to encourage someone who has been thinking about trying sourdough but just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

Larger gifts for adults

Viking Stainless Steel Pan

This is one of the safest and highest-quality stainless steel pans. You can be assured that this pan will last and won’t leach questionable chemicals or metals into your food! We switch between stainless steel and cast iron regularly.

Espresso maker

I love making my coffee at home because I can choose exactly what kind of coffee, milk, and sweetener I want. This is a big investment, but if the person you are gifting it to drinks a lot of coffee, it will get daily use and definitely be worthwhile. This one includes a milk frother too!

Wool Hoodie

I LOVE a good hoodie! It’s a staple for me almost year-round. You only need one hoodie when it’s the right one! This one is a splurge, but the quality, material, and coziness are worth it. This can be a wonderful gift, one I undoubtedly would be excited about!

Blue Blocking Glasses

These have been a game changer for myself and my husband, Tarek. Now I’m just saving up to get my kids a pair! I wear them when I’m on the computer and at night while we watch TV so the blue light has less impact on melatonin. Anyone who spends a good chunk of time on the computer could use a pair of these.

SMEG Milk Frother

This one is a family favorite. We use it daily. Especially in the winter, the kids love using this to make hot chocolate. I use it to froth my milk for lattes, and Tarek loves how he can reheat his lattes, so they are always hot.

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Robe

A good robe makes transition times so much easier. Made with organic cotton, this robe is worth the investment!

Great Gifts for kids

Most children these days have a plethora of toys and items at home, to the point where it’s actually hard to shop for them! Older children will absolutely pick out what they want and tell you, but younger children don’t know how to do that yet. It’s a good idea to check with the parents to see if this is a suitable item and make sure you’re not buying more of something a kid already has. 

Otherwise, when you shop for children, keep their likes and hobbies in mind, such as various characters or the things you catch them doing. Some kids try to help their parents clean, others love to build tall towers from blocks, some prefer dolls, and others cars. Personalize it and you can’t go wrong.

Small gifts for kids

Herbal Tea

Delicious and a lovely nighttime treat for kiddos, this tea is great with a little spoonful of honey.



Flashlights are practical tools that can also be used for lots of nighttime fun! These ones are water-resistant and durable, so they can take hard play. When it comes to kids, mindful gift giving means giving them items that empower them.

Tovla Jr Knives for Kids

Cooking at home with your kids has a myriad of benefits. Teach kids basic knife safety and cutting skills by providing them with age-appropriate knives for children. Whether you intend to have them help you in the kitchen or are working on their eating skills, this is a great gift.

Face Paint

Face painting can be a fun activity for holidays, birthdays, and other parties, but make sure you are choosing nontoxic paint!

Herb Garden Kit

Growing food is one of the most reliable ways to get kids excited about food. This kit has everything you need to grow some herbs in the kitchen window.

Mushroom Grow Kit

These mushroom grow kits are so fun! Just mist them each day and in about 10 days they will be popping out of the box. Again, kids love being a part of growing something.

Play silks

These fun fabrics are pure silk (soft and non-toxic). Any kid you know who loves to dance, build forts, or play dress up will adore these silks.


Another functional item, an umbrella is a great gift for a kid– especially if they live somewhere with a good amount of rain. This brand has all sorts of fun colors and patterns to choose from.

My SuperHero Sleep

Kids love a good storybook, and it’s an easy and simple gift for families. Kids often have tons of toys, so why not buy them a book that’ll teach them about the importance of sleep?

My SuperHero Foods

Our first children’s book will soon become a classic in the house. Parents will appreciate this gift as much as their kids will. This book helps children make the best nutritional choices and tells an entertaining story with beautiful illustrations.

Beeswax Candle Making Kit

Making your own candle is a fun and engaging activity. And at the end, kids will have a candle to light!

Beeswax Crayons

Crayons are a classic, and these are made with high quality, non-toxic materials, so no need to worry about a few teeth marks here and there.

Bath Bombs

Our kids love taking baths. In fact, taking a bath is one of our favorite ways to get ready for bed. These bath bombs are made with organic, safe ingredients that you can feel good about soaking in. These come in a six-pack, so you can give each person in the family one!

Medium gifts for kids

PlanetBox Lunchbox

I always try to pack lunch for my kiddos, and a good lunchbox helps the task feel just a little easier. This one is hands down the best lunchbox I have seen. Our first one has been in use for over five years!

Eco Finger Paint

Finger painting is a favorite in our family. These paints are non-toxic, washable, and made with veggies. They also come with an apron and art pad.

Carving kit

This is a fun activity for kids, and they’ll create a new toy in the process. There are multiple animal shapes to choose from, and kids will be excited about creating something with their own hands.

Natural Material Baby Dolls

Plastic baby dolls are hard, and you can’t snuggle up with them at night. I have gotten each of my kids one of these natural baby dolls, and they have been such a cherished part of their childhood!

Kids Wooden Cleaning Set

This cleaning set lets young kids have fun being a part of weekly chores. Most kids love helping out with whatever their parents are doing –even cleaning! Let them join in without having to worry about them handling a too-large broom.

Wooden stacking rainbow puzzle

Open-ended toy with bright colors and endless possibilities, this stacking puzzle might become a fast favorite. Wooden toys are more pleasing to the touch and don’t have any of the chemicals that are often found in plastics.

Woodworking Building Kit

Kids who enjoy putting things together and pulling them apart will have a blast with this kit. You can make a whole other project out of painting the finished pieces at the end too. When I think about mindful gift giving for my kids, I want to find gifts that give them an opportunity to learn while playing!

Tovla Jr. Cooking and Baking Set

For boys and girls of any age, cooking utensils are an amazing gift for a number of reasons. First, these items are all non-toxic and safe for even the youngest kids to chew on. For the youngest, practicing motions with proper tools will help them develop better hand-eye coordination. Older kids will copy their parents, or actually assist them with tasks which boosts their self esteem. Instilling a love of food and cooking at home can start with providing children with the right role-play toys like this cooking and baking set.

Wool Base Layers

Of any package that I open, this is my favorite! These wools are meant to be cherished and taken care of. My kids sleep in these wools and wear them the next day as a base layer, especially during the winter. Wool is an incredible natural material. It is temperature regulating, resists smells, and dries fast. Mindful gift giving benefits parents too–quality items can be reused and passed down. These layers have been passed down from child to child in our family.

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Wool Socks

For those who love staying cozy at home, a pair of high-quality wool socks is everything. They last for years and come in very handy!

Larger gifts for kids

Geometric Wooden Building Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way for kids to practice small motor skills, memory, and more. This beautiful puzzle can be fit together in its frame or stacks and played with as blocks. Parents won’t mind this toy being left out because it’s so nice to look at. The wooden pieces are sturdy and saf.

Play Couch

This one is a big family type gift. Play couches are built to be moved around and tumbled on, and also act as a functional, ground-level couch. Mamavation rates this brand as the best option.

Ice Cream Maker

We make raw milk ice cream at least three times a week. When we use this incredibly nutrient-dense recipe, I don’t mind my kids eating it any time of the day. Treat your whole family with this!

Sleep Sack

We know the importance of good sleep, but how about peace of mind for us parents as we sleep, not having to worry if our little one is warm or cold? Better than a blanket, this sleep sack has been with our family since my first child was born. It keeps the kids at the best temperature safely while they sleep. You can pick the sleep sack to fit your room condition. For example, get the thickest sleep sack if your little’s bedroom stays relatively cold. If the room is warm, get the thinnest. They even give you a temperature gauge that tells you the room’s temperature and how much you need to layer your baby with the type of sleep sack you have.

Thoughtful and Simple Gifts to Show You Care

Some people look at their friends and family and know exactly what to get them for every occasion. For the rest of us – there are holiday suggestion lists. These gift ideas cover various personalities and budgets to make your life easier. But the most important thing is that you get your loved ones something that shows that you’ve been thinking about them. So stay mindful this holiday season, and don’t just buy out racks of cheap items so you can cover everyone – a quality gift is better than a hastily-bought one.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? Or received? Email us with your mindful, happy holiday stories!