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Healthy Breakfast

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Hello, Healthy Breakfast!

Breakfast may be the most important meal for your kids and let’s face it – we can do better than what Big Food tells us is normal: Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms, frozen waffles, and Nature Grain bars with a side of Sunny D or Gatorade. 

The harsh truth is that these foods lack the nutrients our kids really need and contain poor quality and even harmful ingredients. The breakfast foods that Big Food and others tell us are “heart healthy” and “rich in whole grains” are actually just ultra-processed foods with fake flavors and little to no nutritional value.

Natural flavors trick and manipulate our kids’ taste buds and cause them to overeat. Artificial colors are linked to behavior disturbances and ADHD. Processed sugar, usually in the form of corn syrup, is linked to insulin resistance and mood regulations. Non-organic grains are covered in glyphosate residue which can increase risk of cancer and contribute to gluten intolerance. There are many other lab-made ingredients that have no purpose in our bodies. In fact, not only are they not needed, they can actually be harmful over time.

These “conventional breakfast foods” are taking the place of nutrient-dense, nourishing foods that are essential to our child’s body, brain, and overall well being. Ever heard the saying: “Food is the real medicine?” This statement couldn’t be more powerful. The foods that we give our children can either prevent or promote disease. Making these small changes and giving your breakfast a major upgrade will do wonders for your child and family.

It can be hard to know where to start if the habit of cooking breakfast is new to you. Further down, I’ll outline some of our family’s favorite breakfast foods that are easy to work into a full morning. But if you need more guidance or want more recipes, we put together a comprehensive 28 day breakfast meal plan that includes nutrition tips, shopping lists, weekly meal plans, and simple, nourishing recipes for every day of the week.

Today, most children are deficient in essential vitamins and other micronutrients which results in delayed growth, weakened immune systems, impaired brain development, and increased risk of future diseases. There are many factors in our modern world that may be contributing to these deficiencies, but one of the biggest and most accessible for us to change is food. 

Eating a nutrient-dense breakfast helps your kids to show up as their best self. Eliminating the sugar rush that results from conventional breakfast foods helps your child to be more calm, focused, and satiated until the next meal.

Join us this month as we dive deeper and say Hello to a more nutrient dense breakfast and ultimately our best selves!

kids eating healthy breakfast

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Many will agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? First, it’s the first meal our body has after an overnight fast. It sets the tone for our metabolism and our mood for the rest of the day. Our stomach is empty and craving nourishing food, and breakfast is our first opportunity to replenish our stores. Skipping breakfast has been correlated to lower physical activity and weight gain, which in turn have their pressures on health. 

Breakfast is also an opportunity to balance our blood sugar, which can improve our energy and mood among other things. For kids, breakfast is one key to ensuring they start their day on the right track. For kids (and many adults too), skipping breakfast may cause blood sugar to drop therefore leaving them hangry and low on energy.

Does it matter what you eat for breakfast?

YES! Unfortunately Big Food has normalized things like sugary cereal, pop tarts and frozen waffles for kids for breakfast. You would be hard pressed to find many nutrients in that processed food, but you can easily find loads of sugar and many artificial ingredients. While these types of processed foods are easy, quick and convenient, they aren’t setting our children up to be their best selves. 

Artificial colors, commonly found in conventional and packaged breakfast foods, are linked to behavior disorders including ADHD in children. They are perhaps one of the reasons our children have a hard time concentrating at school. Seed oils, found in most breakfast pastry items, are linked to many chronic illnesses including obesity, heart disease, metabolic dysfunction, diabetes, strokes, Alzheimers, and others.

pile of fruit loops on white background healthy breakfast

Processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup are key factors in obesity, fatty liver disease, and diabetes. All these ingredients are frequently found in popular processed breakfast foods!

Choosing more single ingredient foods like fresh fruit and pastured eggs sets your kids up for success for the day. When you serve a balanced breakfast that contains clean protein, healthy fats and vitamin rich carbs, you are truly giving your kids a beautiful gift that starts them out on the right track. And the good news is that it can be almost as easy as cereal!

Ditch Pop Tarts & Eggo's for a Super Easy Nutrient Dense Breakfast

Are you a busy parent who wants to provide nutritious breakfasts for your kids? Does it feel impossible with everything you have to juggle in the morning?

You CAN transform your hectic breakfast dash with your kiddos into a nourishing and stress-free morning—and My SuperHero Foods can help!

Sunny Side Up: A 28-Day Breakfast Meal Plan for Busy Families, full of tools and recipes that will make it easy to trade out ultra-processed packaged foods for hearty, nutrient-dense breakfasts that will set your kids up for success with a better mood, stronger focus, improved behavior, and sustained energy.

Some of our favorite breakfast foods

Pastured eggs. Grass fed, full fat yogurt or kefir. Grass fed sausage. Whole fruit. Homemade granola. Sprouted oats. A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Our favorite breakfast foods are simple and quick. 

soft boiled egg on toast with sprouts healthy breakfast


Perhaps our top favorite breakfast food is eggs. Eggs are (in my opinion) better than the most expensive kids multivitamins on the market! Eggs contain many bioavailable nutrients that your kids’ bodies can absorb easily and leave them feeling full and happy. One of the best things about eggs is that they are so versatile. From hard boiled eggs, to scrambled, to banana pancakes, to eggs in your oatmeal, to raw egg yolks in your smoothie (yup you read that right!), the possibilities with eggs seem endless.

  • Quick note on raw eggs: we have been eating raw eggs in our family for years. As long as they come from a trusted source, have a clean outer shell and no cracks, we have no problems eating eggs raw.


Another super easy and nutrient dense option is plain full fat yogurt with berries and honey. This one is a crowd pleaser at our house and the best part is that my kids can serve themselves. No cooking required. Yogurt can also be dolloped onto organic oatmeal or homemade pancakes for a delicious dose of healthy fat and protein so that your kids stay full for longer.

healthy breakfast yogurt bowl sugar fruit
kefir in jar with wooden spoon healthy breakfast


Kefir is basically a thin, probiotic yogurt, and it’s a great breakfast staple. Look for a plain, unsweetened version. We like to enjoy it blended with frozen strawberries and a ripe banana. My kids call it strawberry ice cream!

Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast sausage is simple and filling and a great option for when you want a hot breakfast. Some of our favorite brands include bison sausage from Force of Nature and anything we can get our hands on at our farmers market! Make sure to check ingredients and choose a brand with no caramel colors, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, or other questionable additives. We choose grass fed meat whenever possible.

breakfast sausage healthy breakfast
Mixed bowl of cut fresh fruit healthy breakfast


We love all kinds of fruit in the morning that gives us a daily boost of natural vitamin C. Whole fruit is always better than fruit juice which has none of the fiber that helps slow down the absorption of fructose. We also do our best to pair it with a clean protein (like eggs, sausage, or plain yogurt) to balance the sugar.

Homemade Granola

Homemade granola can be a breakfast game-changer! We have an awesome granola recipe with organic oats, nuts, seeds, maple syrup, and organic coconut oil that you’ll love. Most of the granola you buy in stores has seed oils and is not fresh. Plus, making granola is super easy and a fun activity to do with your kids on a weekend. Sprinkle some over yogurt or pour some grass fed milk in a bowl and you have an easy swap (and major upgrade) for cereal.

granola with honey healthy breakfast

What can we do?

Make your own breakfast! You can start small by cooking just one or two healthy breakfasts a week while you build confidence and get in a groove, or you can dive right in and challenge yourself to do it everyday. As you move away from Big Food’s processed breakfast products and start to feed your kids a breakfast that doesn’t come in a box, you will notice some pretty amazing differences.

This transition may be hard at first, especially if your kids are eating processed breakfast foods on a regular basis. Natural flavors and processed sugars can be pretty addicting and can have your kid preferring a fake flavor that can only be found in processed foods. Experts say it can take about 7 days to recalibrate your taste buds, so stay committed and have patience. Starting with foods like protein packed pancakes with real maple syrup and smoothie bowls (we have these recipes in our breakfast guide: Sunny Side Up) are great foods to excite your kids’ taste buds and acclimate them to real foods in the morning.

Help! I don’t know where to start!

Don’t worry. We have you covered! Our healthy breakfast guide, Sunny Side Up: A 28-Day Breakfast Meal Plan for Busy Families, not only gives you a month of easy and delicious recipes, it also puts together a monthly shopping list for the pantry staples as well as a weekly shopping list for perishables. You’ll do a little bit of prep work on Sunday, but each morning it will be smooth sailing and nutrient dense eating to the max. Check it out here!

Sunny Side Up

A 28-Day Breakfast Meal Plan for Busy Families

Making breakfast for your kids on busy mornings can be easy, and this book will show you how! 

In this comprehensive meal plan guide and cookbook, you’ll find:

  • Helpful nutrition, planning, and shopping tips
  • 1 monthly shopping list and 4 weekly shopping lists
  • 4 weekly breakfast meal plans
  • Sunday meal-prep instructions
  • Simple, nourishing recipes for every day of the week
  • Bonus weekend recipes!

If you can do just one thing in terms of your child’s nutritional health, give them a SuperHero breakfast. Start prioritizing your family’s most important meal of the day and order Sunny Side Up today!

healthy breakfast

Hello Healthy Breakfast Challenge!

Sign up #SuperHeroYOU2023 to participate in challenges!

Use #SuperHeroYOU2023 AND tag @mysuperherofoods on Instagram to share your progress!

Challenge: Prepare a nutrient dense breakfast for your kids (and yourself!) every day.

  • Make your own granola! Pair it with grass fed yogurt or milk for a quick and healthy breakfast that’s an easy swap for sugary cereals.
  • Choose plain, full fat yogurt and sweeten it yourself with fresh fruit and raw honey.
  • Swap frozen waffles for homemade pancakes with organic grains and grass fed milk.
  • In general, look for whole foods and, if you can, make more things at home.

Need more guidance or want more recipes? Check out our healthy breakfast meal prep book: Sunny Side Up!

Do your best!

Small improvements add up over time. You may not make every single breakfast this month, or the next, but every breakfast you make at home counts. It can sometimes take kids (and adults!) a little while to adjust to real flavors and colors of whole foods if they’ve been used to the enhanced, artificial colors, processed sugars, and the engineered flavors of processed foods. After the adjustment period though, your healthy, homemade breakfasts might just be the highlight of the day!

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