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There’s no time like today. And there’s nothing like building a community of SuperHero friends to help us stick to our goals.
That’s why we’re launching a FREE program for 2022 called #SuperHeroYOU. Earn prizes while learning new tips and tricks to help you and your family thrive ALL year.

The idea came about as we were thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions for the year. We all know the feeling: we set BIG goals for the NEW Year. We spend the first week excited and energized for it. The next week, the novelty wears off. The following, our busy lives take over and the resolution dies away. It’s why gyms have their busiest months in January with a sharp drop off in February.

But what if we disrupt that cycle by keeping the goals small and achievable and setting a new goal each month? That’s where this idea was born!



Each month we’ll say HELLO to something that will help build healthier families and BYE BYE to things that we need less of. For example, we’ll say HELLO to things like healthy fats and more sleep and BYE BYE to things like processed foods. We’ll be kicking off JANUARY by saying BYE BYE to sugary drinks.
We’ll share helpful, relevant content related to the topic each month with some small, achievable challenges that you can do with your kiddos to make it easier to adopt for you and your families. Earn prizes and while learning new tips and tricks to help you and your family thrive ALL year.


  • Each month, we’ll focus on small achievable goals that you can work on with your family, including young kids!
  • Every month, we’ll introduce a new theme to keep things exciting.
  • We’ll work in a community so you’ll have more accountability.
  • Every month, we’ll share multiple blog posts and SM posts on the month’s theme. Want to learn about something specific? Let us know!
  • Every month, we’ll announce a very simple task/challenge that you can do with your kids to reinforce the month’s theme. It’s designed for busy families!
  • Every month, we’ll host a giveaway related to each month’s theme. Just by signing up, you’ll be entered for the giveaway.
  • The more you get involved, the more features and prizes we’ll roll out!
  • Did we mention it’s FREE?

We Love our community!

Check out the awesome SuperHeroes who are excited to learn more about healthy, whole foods!

Learn all about the benefits or kids nutrition in our book, My SuperHero Foods!

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