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Jumping into January

The single most impactful thing you can do for you and your family’s health is to cut out liquid sugar. 

Yes, this includes juices of ALL kinds, even 100% freshly squeezed fruit juice, green smoothies with added sugar, and Frappuccinos. The recommended daily limit of added sugar is around 6-9 teaspoons (25-50 grams). To put that into perspective, a single 12 oz can of cola will fulfill your entire daily allotment.

What is liquid sugar?

They’re sugary drinks like soda, tea and sugar with added sugar, and yes, even fruit juice. 

Liquid sugar consumed through sugary drinks is toxic at high doses. The sugar found in “sugary beverages” bypasses much of our digestive machinery and hits our livers like a bullet shot out of a high caliber rifle. In small amounts, the liver can shield itself very effectively. However, in large quantities, it becomes overwhelming.

Most sugary drinks contain much more sugar than our livers can process. The liver turns excess sugar into fat, and more importantly, regular consumption of large quantities of sugar injures our livers and metabolism. Simply said, our metabolism is the sum of how well our inner body is performing. Liquid sugar is poisonous to our metabolic health. 

More than 80% of Americans have metabolic disorder. Why is that important? It is among the first signs of chronic disease that eventually lead to systemic inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, and dementia. The science is mind boggling, and if you love detail check out Metabolical by Dr. Robert Lustig.

Liquid sugar pollutes our taste buds. We become accustomed to unnecessary sweet tastes. Water and non sugary beverages taste bland in comparison. When you remove these hyper-sweet sugary beverages, you will recalibrate your taste buds within 7-14 days. Will you miss those yummy diabetes-creating frappuccinos? Short term, maybe, but the immediate health benefits will blow you away!

What about artificial sweeteners and diet drinks?

These chemicals are made in the lab and are not good for us. They are engineered to be highly addictive with good evidence that they promote metabolic disturbances, inflammation, disease, and even cancer. Let’s just avoid them.

Sugary drinks SuperHero You
Sugary drinks SuperHero You

What about honey and other natural sugars to sweeten our beverages?

Consuming limited amounts of honey and natural sugars is much healthier than having lots of artificial sweeteners. But use sparingly. A little honey in tea or coffee from natural sugars is OK. We’re trying to limit the consumption of large amounts of sugar.

But what about that healthy drink?

Beware of healthy sounding beverages such as coconut water, kombucha, bottled smoothies, green drinks, etc.  There is often a significant amount of sugar (and even added sugar) per serving. Don’t be fooled by the marketing. Always read labels.

Sugary drinks SuperHero You

What if we really enjoy fruit juice?

Our goal isn’t to limit you from enjoying your favorite things, but to help you be mindful of what these drinks are doing to your body. If you really enjoy that glass of fresh orange juice, have it every once in a while, but drink fresh squeezed juice or juice with no added sugar and ALWAYS treat it like a dessert. An unintended consequence from mindful consumption of “special treats,” is a really heightened  and joyful experience. We learn to savor the last few sips instead of mindlessly indulging which usually leads to a belly ache or even an aversion to that treat!

What drinks do we recommend?

Water is always best. Think of your body as a Ferrari. What is the optimal fuel and lubricant?

We are almost 70% water. We function better in all aspects when we are adequately hydrated WITH water. We tend to overeat when we are dehydrated as our body “confuses” the signal for thirst with hunger. Be sure to drink at least 40-60oz/day

To add flavor, infuse water with lemon, lime, oranges, cucumbers, etc.  

When you feel “off,” always consider a big glass of water! You’re setting you and your family up for success if you learn to love water!

Other drinks we recommend

  • Herbal Teas which are often with “goodies” like antioxidants
  • Juices with limited to no sugar like tomato and celery juice
  • Sparkling water with no artificial sweeteners or natural flavors
  • Nut milks with little to no added sugar
  • Smoothies that you make at home with no added sugar or fruit juice. Use water as your liquid base and sweeten with whole fruit.
  • Coffee (in limited quantities) and definitely none for our kiddos! 

Be creative and have fun exploring sugar-free beverages.


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