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We should prioritize healthy full fats over low fat or nonfat all day!

Foods that are labeled low fat or nonfat on the packaging have often been processed to remove all of the fat. This often means that the fat is replace with loads of sugar, salt, and chemically engineered substances to improve taste.

Are Fats Healthy?

Fats are one of the healthiest substances we can eat. Yes, there are good and bad fats. For example, we know to stay away from crisco, cooking with seed oils, and trans fats. However, good fats such as avocados, olives, olive oil, salmon, coconut, dark chocolate, ghee, grass-fed animal fat and grass-fed butter are glorious. The benefits are too numerous to count.

Who said fat was bad?

We have to go back to the 70s when a raging debate was going on. In summary, Ancel Keys with his bogus research, Seven Countries Study, convinced our government that fat and cholesterol were the enemies. The study concluded that fat and cholesterol were causing heart disease and death. Thus began an era in which fat was bad. What was the “genius” plan? To engineer low-fat frankenstein “food” products! We call these frankenstein products because they are far from real. The worst part is that sugar got a free pass!

Low fat products failed miserably except for making hundreds of millions of dollars for Big Food. Obesity rates have skyrocketed since their inception in the late 70s. Big Food loved the idea of taking fat and fiber out of our food because it increased the shelf life of their products. And why is that important? You got it! Cha-ching! They figured out how to maximize profits at the expense of our health. 

We can’t think of many foods that are better tasting than foods that contain healthy fats and fiber. So, how did Big Food get low fat “food” to taste decent? They add a boatload of sugar and salt. These crafty additions not only make the food palatable, but more addictive. Thus, we eat more and put on weight.

So fat doesn’t make us fat?

Nope! Healthy fats are some of the healthiest foods we can eat. When we eat healthy fats we will be full and satisfied. Our bodies are incredible at maintaining a beautiful homeostasis when we get out of its way.

It’s sugar (and this includes artificial sweeteners and low calorie sweeteners) that make us fat. When we eat sugar, we can’t tell when we have had enough. Also, the additives that make these “foods” addictive wreak all kinds of havoc in our bodies.

To simplify, eat healthy fat if you want to maintain a healthy weight. Eat sugar if you want to gain weight!

Should my kids be eating healthy fats?

YES, yes, and yes! Our brains are 60% fat, and as our children grow and their brains continue to develop, they need fat to not only fuel their bodies, but to also fuel their brains. Fat promotes brain health and optimal nerve signaling. Critical structures such as phospholipids that are made from fat make up important architecture for our kids’ developing brains. Conversely, a diet low in fat reduces the raw materials for thriving brains. 

Actually, you should be thinking about healthy fats way before your kids are born! It’s an amazing food group to eat when you are pregnant while the baby’s brain is forming.

What are some of our favorite healthy fats?

Avocados, grass-fed butter and meat, pasture-raised eggs, olive oil, nuts, seeds, olives, coconut, salmon and even dark chocolate! Check out this article on our ten favorite healthy fats to feed our kids.

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So what do we do?

Stand up to BIG FOOD! Let’s not be fooled by labeling tricks. Any product that talks about its fat content on the packaging is likely unhealthy, severely processed, and contains chemically engineered ingredients. Don’t trust it until you’ve read the ingredients list. Our bodies deserve better!

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